About The Company

Our Purpose

The spirit of GOTTA GET UP is the love, compassion, determination and commitment that was instilled in the Tomlinson children at an early age and throughout their lives. The Tomlinson family consists of three bodacious, fiery, intelligent African-American sisters - Lisa, Jan, Gina and two strong, sensitive and compassionate brothers, Jon and Joseph.

Gregarious, fun-loving and determined to the end, the last words that their mother, Norma Jean Tomlinson spoke before she passed away on March 15, 1989 were “I gotta get up!” The eldest son, Jon channeled his tremendous grief of his beloved mother’s death into creating five unique collage pieces. These five creations of love and sorrow were presented to his brother and sisters. The eldest sister, Lisa was so overwhelmed by the astonishing beauty and the uniqueness of his artistic genius and his gift of love that she knew his talent had to be shared with the world! Thus GOTTA GET UP is the Tomlinson's. 

GOTTA GET UP is the Tomlinson’s philosophical essence! GOTTA GET UP is their combined love for their eldest brother, Jon.